On Hand Style How-To


You have questions. We have answers! Get the most out of your on hand style fundraiser with this easy how-to!

You do not have to set exact dates for your on hand style fundraiser, but you do need a plan. The goal for setting dates for your fundraiser is to take advantage of an opportunity to reach as many customers as possible. Planning your fundraiser around an event or a holiday is an excellent idea. Product delivery can take up to two weeks, so make sure you place your order in time.

 If you are not planning your fundraiser around a holiday or event, it is a good idea to set a timeline for your students. This motivates your students to sell quickly. It also helps prevent customers from putting off their purchases because they are only able to buy as long as it is available. You can always extend your fundraiser if sales are going well.

 Now that you have a time frame for your fundraiser, it is time to pick your products. One of the great things about Clint & Sons Fundraising is the flexibility to choose what works for you. We have 6 beef jerky flavors available in multiple sizes. We also have 3 flavor varieties of our snack sticks. When you are choosing your product keep your target market in mind. Our jerky is loved by all ages, but everyone has a favorite flavor. If possible, take a vote or recommendations for what you will sell. Of course, keep your budget in mind. There are no minimums to the amount of jerky you can order, but you will need to keep shipping charges in mind. Also think about how you will be distributing the jerky to the students. You will need to have a process of keeping up with the jerky and cash for each student. Some organizations find it easiest to distribute jerky to students by the case, but that is entirely up to you. The last thing you want is for your jerky to be unaccounted for and profits lost. This leads us to our next step.

Keep your students motivated by setting individual goals along with an overall goal. Sometimes it is difficult to get students to participate. Consider offering recognition and prizes to your top sellers. You prizes do not have to cost lots of money. There are plenty of things you can offer that are completely free. Think about some hidden talents you have, or something silly that will motivate them. Teachers can cook, coaches can sing, or principals can get a pie in the face. Try to incorporate fun into your fundraiser. Students will not be excited if you are not. While you are thinking up creative motivational ideas, you can get to step number four.

Your creativity doesn't stop with your students. Get creative with how you sell your jerky. If you are selling during any holiday try putting together holiday jerky bundles. Make it special with a little ribbon, a bow and some love. Make a Valentine's jerky bouquet, a jerky Easter basket, Halloween essentials, or Christmas jerky presents. Themes make selling fun for your students and fun for your customers.

Even if you are not selling for a special holiday, you still have countless ideas for jerky presentation. Spa day with the perfect snack, game day perfection, pet lovers baskets, salty and sweet, camping basics, shopper's delight. Our jerky pairs with just about anything. A little extra time can pay off big time.

You don't want your creativity to go unnoticed. Make sure you take the time to promote your fundraiser. Start promoting early to get your customers hyped. Post pictures and let your customers know when it is available (limited time only) and how to get it. Tell your customers your goal and what your fundraiser is for. Videos are incredibly useful. Keep it fun for everyone. Fundraisers typically last only a couple weeks, so promote often to keep the energy and focus up. Consider posting a fundraiser timeline with text like "Only 5 days left! If you haven't picked up your Clint & Sons Easter basket, get one today!" or "Fundraiser extend due to high demand! Make sure you get your Just Because Gift Set today!"


You'll be surprised how quickly our jerky sells! You do not want to wait until you run out before you place an order for more. Orders are easy and there are no minimums. We keep our jerky stocked, but orders may take up to 2 weeks to get to you. Plan ahead and keep yourself stocked!

On-Hand style fundraisers are easy to finish. When you sell out, you're done. This sounds pretty straight forward, but you do want to keep a few things in mind to help you wrap up your fundraiser successfully. First, keep your money organized. Sometimes this step gets a little overwhelming. Make a checklist or system to check in on student progress throughout your fundraiser. Second, consider hosting an assembly to announce your fundraiser results. This is the time to hand out prizes and have some fun! This may not seem like much, but it sets an enthusiasm for future fundraisers as well! Third, let your customers know how you did. This lets your customers know that their contribution makes a difference. Social media is a great way to keep everyone informed on the progress and results of your fundraiser. Post pictures and videos of what your profits are being used for and how it benefits your students. 

Clint & Sons has everything you need for a very successful and profitable fundraiser. We would love to work with you to help you reach your fundraiser goals. Ready to get started? Contact us today!


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