Fundraiser Safety


Don't forget your number one priority. Fundraisers are a busy and hectic time. With everything going on it is easy to overlook certain steps. The number one priority in every fundraiser is the safety of everyone participating! Go over safety guidelines repeatedly and often. If you are not sure where to start, we have a few pointers here. Remember, every fundraiser is unique. You may have more safety measures to discuss that are not included here. Make a list and plan a strategy. Our children are our future and nothing is more important!

If you plan on selling to strangers, safety guidelines need to be established early and discussed often. Never allow children to sell to strangers without adult supervision! Remind parents of this rule every time you talk about your fundraising progress. If you have volunteers helping supervise your children make sure you establish a proper child-to-adult ratio. Volunteers should know exactly how many children they are responsible for. Don't overwhelm your volunteers with not enough help. You will need extra volunteers if you are not staying in one place to sell.

If you plan on selling door-to-door extra precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of your children. You absolutely need adult supervision, but in addition to that, you need to remind your parents and kids to never enter a stranger's home. It is more important for your kids to be safe than polite. Tell your kids to say, "No thank you. I'll wait outside" or "I'm not allowed to go into your home". Ask your parents to set a good example for your children and follow this rule themselves.

Proper money handling is an essential step to ensure the safety of your children. Teach your parents and kids how to be safe with the money they collect. Keep your money in a concealed location. Preferably in a lockbox. Don't let your kids play with or show off the money. Try not to keep large bills. Show your participants how to count back change when necessary. Don't count your money in public. And remember, money is never more important than the safety of your children.

When starting a fundraiser it is a good idea to sell to people you know first. Not only is it safer, but they will also have more motivation to support your cause. Ask parents to take order forms to work with them. Word of mouth is also a great way to sell. Have parents enlist the help of friends and family. Even though you are selling to friends and family, please remember to practice safety measures and always have adult supervision when fundraising.

Fundraisers are a group effort. You should sell in groups as often as possible. This is easy when selling our jerky on hand. You can set up a table at many sporting and social events. You can even set up tables outside of certain businesses, with permission of course. Selling in groups adds safety in numbers. Even when selling our jerky with an order form, try to use the buddy system whenever possible. Always remember to include adult supervision even when selling in groups. Don't leave children alone to watch themselves.

Online fundraising is a great tool for profitable fundraising, but as with everything you need to discuss safety with your parents and children. As technology advances, online safety becomes increasingly more important. Here is a list of a few safety measures to keep in mind when selling online. Go over these points with your parents and children often to keep them safe and ensure a fun and successful fundraiser.

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