Order Form Style How-To


You have questions. We have answers! Get the most out of your order form style fundraiser with this easy how-to!

This step may sound simple, but there are many things consider when setting your fundraiser dates. Here are a few things to remember when setting up your fundraiser dates:

  • Keep holidays and events in mind
  • Don't overlap with other fundraisers
  • Order forms may take up to two weeks to arrive
  • Give yourself a week to plan and promote
  • We recommend two weeks for fundraising

Now that you know when you would like your fundraiser to start and end. It's time to get some order forms. Our order forms are sent to you free of charge. Just let us know how many participants you have and where you want us to send your forms. It can take up to 2 weeks to get your forms. We also include prize books and prize forms! Check the prizes out here.


Make sure you keep the prize forms for students to reference. Here is a quick list of everything that is included in your order form packet:

  • Order form style fundraiser how-to
  • Sponsor checklist
  • One order form per participant
  • One participant how-to per participant
  • One prize book per 25 participants
  • One prize order form per 25 participants
  • Free personalized social media content
  • Contact information card

Now you are ready to launch your fundraiser! Remember, if you are not excited about it they won't be either! Here are a few things to keep in mind when launching your fundraiser:

  • Go over fundraiser dates and turn in
  • Go over safety
  • Set goals
  • Have participants neatly fill in their forms
  • Show prize selection. Prizes are also available to look at online.
  • All participants that have any sales get a prize!

We make this step a little easier for you by providing customized social media content free of charge! Now you have all the tools you need for the most successful fundraiser. To check out some of the content we have created click here. We also have a social media guide here.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when promoting and encouraging your fundraiser:

  • Use your social media content
  • Ask friends and family to like and share
  • Post often
  • Use personal photos and videos
  • Encourage students throughout the fundraiser
  • Track progress
  • Make it fun

Turn in day can be a hectic time. Keep yourself organized (and sane) with these thoughts in mind:

  • Names on every form
  • Keep money separated until it is counted
  • All check payable to your school/organization
  • All checks signed
  • Tally all totals
  • Count all money turned in
  • Consider giving receipts
  • Expect late turn ins


Now for the fun part! Your order is finally here and your fundraiser is almost finished. Keep things organized and simple with these thoughts in mind:

  • Orders are separated by participant
  • Hand out original order forms with product
  • Prizes ship separately
  • Prizes are labeled by participant (excluding 1oz beef jerky)
  • Consider using a checklist for order and prize pick up
  • Shipping is free for orders over $100

We know how much work goes into fundraising. You deserve a much needed break! Keep your supporters posted on how well your fundraiser did!

Ready to get started? Contact us and we will get you set up today!

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