Fundraising by Generation


Get the best results with your fundraiser by targeting your ideal demographic. The more you know, the better your fundraiser will be. Here is what you need to know about fundraising by generation.

Fundraising for Millennials

Millennials are 25.9% of the US population according to As you probably already know, Millennials are active on their phones. They respond best to text messages and social media, but rarely check personal email or respond to voice calls. To reach this crowd social media is a must. Videos are tremendously successful. 16% of Millennials give through Facebook fundraising tools, and 47% gave through an organization website in 2016. (

 So what does all this mean for you? Well, if you are targeting Millennials for your fundraiser your best option is going to be online fundraising. According to 34% of Millennial rarely or never carry cash. With our online fundraising option your customers can place an order right on their phone or laptop. Also, we offer customized social media content for FREE. Stay up to date and promote your fundraiser often. Use all social media platforms to get the word out.

 Fundraising for Generation X

Gen Xers are 20.4% of the US population according to They are most likely to fundraise on behalf of a cause, make a pledge, and volunteer their time to an organization. They prefer text messages or voice calls. These donors regularly check email and stay up to date on social media feeds. 19% of Gen Xers give through Facebook fundraising tools. 31% of online donations for this generation are prompted by email. (
So what does that mean for you? Well, if you are targeting Generation Xers for your next fundraiser a combination of Online Style and Order Form Style might be your best bet. You can easily promote your fundraiser via direct email. Also, don't forget that you need more than just money. Generation X can offer you support by giving their time. Volunteers are an invaluable resource! They can support your fundraiser via word of mouth. They can rally local businesses to support your cause. Or even something as simple as taking an order form to work with them. Some of the most successful fundraisers we have seen have been from doing exactly that!

Fundraising for Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers are 23.6% of the US population according to 72% of Boomers give to charity. Boomers are great communicators. They answer voice calls, check email regularly and also use text messaging and social media. 21% of Boomers give through Facebook fundraising tools, and 24 % of Boomers who give online donations say it is because of direct mail they received. (

 So what does that mean for you? Well, if you are targeting Baby Boomers for your next fundraiser you have many channels to reach them, but you really need to keep their interests in mind. They are eager and willing to help you, but probably are not interested in lollipops or chocolate bars. Keep your fundraiser organized and let them know the details. Inform Baby Boomers about why you are fundraising, what your goal is and what their contribution will do for your organization. Direct mail is a great way to keep them informed and give them time to look over everything. Don't forget to ask for direct donations if you do not have a product they are interested in.

 Fundraising for Greatest Generation

Greatest Generation are 11.8% of the US population according to On average they give 25% more frequently than younger generations. 88% of the Greatest Generation gives to charity. (

So what does that mean for you? The Greatest generation grew up during the Great Depression and fought in World War II. They have seen it all and know what is important. They are more likely to show support to your organization, but you probably don't want to reach them with an online fundraiser. Your best bet is in person fundraising. They are eager to give, but you have to invest your time.

One thing is true, every generation wants what is best for you! Find the right way to ask, and you are sure to succeed!

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